About Webmart

Who We Are?

Webmart is local website development business in Botswana. Webmart was established in 2016 and has since managed to help over 300 companies in Botswana. We provide web solutions to individuals, small businesses, large corporations, parastatals and government. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide customers with high quality services to an extent such that they almost never require support.

What We Do?

We provide high quality services by mapping client requirements in efficient solutions. We also work with customers throughout the project in order to ensure that we deliver reliable and usable web solutions. Webmart services range from website design & development, domain registrations, website hosting, professional emails, SSL Certificates, Online Marketing(Google AdWords / Adverts).


To simplify web solutions to Batswana, make them easily accessible and easy to procure online without the need for human intervention.

Core Values

  • Simplicity
  • Efficiency in Operations
  • Usability
  • Self Sufficiency


To become a ultimate web development business provider in Botswana by offering reliable, efficient and affordable solutions to businesses.


We are always learning & growing.

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